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Are you liberal or conservative?

The Libertarian party combines several aspects of the two. We could be called liberal with respect to personal freedoms; however we oppose the government implementing any program in order to achieve equality of outcome. In regards to economic policy we could be called conservative, with the exception that we don’t like the government directly promoting any particular industry or organization. A better label would be moderate, with emphasis on freedom of person and enterprise.

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How you can contribute to the spreading of freedom?

  • VOTE for freedom in every election.

    A wasted vote is one that goes to a lesser of two evils. Your vote will have a tremendous impact placed with us as opposed to an insignificant impact with the Democrats or Republicans.

  • Monetary contributions are always welcome

    The Libertarian party is not known for its fund raising capabilities. We never accept public funds and don't like to harass people for donations (National party excluded, they like to harass their members whenever possible). We rely on your donations to help us grow. If you desire a small realativly efficient government we could use your donation. If you think about it, if we get elected you will probably be paying less in taxes, so its not just a moral decision but a good investment into your future as well as your childrens future.

  • Volunteers are needed from time to time.

    Although we don't have a large budget for events, we do have activities from time to time that require bodies for answering questions or distributing literature. If you like this sort of thing send us an e-mail or attend some of our meetings (listed on the main page).

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