April 15th r3EVOLution!

For those who attended the April 15 rEVOLution rally on the Laf/West Laf pedestrian bridge, it was quite an event! The highlight of the event was our keynote speaker, Jacob Hornberger, founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation ! He was awesome! He did an excellent job of expressing Libertarian principles and concerns to the crowd, and we are so grateful that he saw fit to travel here from Virginia to speak to us! We also had speeches from Randy Young, our local chapter secretary, and John Duncan, our potential candidate for 4th congressional district for Congress. (State Convention is next weekend, and we will officially choose the candidates at that time.)

The event was followed by the CIA (Citizens in Action) Tea Party, which was also a great success. The local Libertarian Party had a table set up through both events, and we passed out literature and spoke to many interested people. We hope to see them at our upcoming meetings!

Let’s use this blog to keep a running conversation going! Things are happening and there’s much to talk about! Next weekend is the Libertarian State Convention in Indianapolis! Please attend if you can!


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