Greetings to all!

We are at a low point in the history of what used to be the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America. The people have long been aware that they are almost totally disenfranchised from the process referred to as government.

We have not yet lost our right to vote, though many feel that this is irrelevant. As We the People have allowed our representative government to run unchecked, it is therefore up to us to correct our error. I believe that We the People banding together through alternative channels of representation such as The Libertarian Party is the best way to accomplish this.

We who already see this must do more than just vote. I believe that we could take a page out of the Evangelical Movement, ie, we must individually be ready for opportunities to spread our message and cause. This will be outside the comfort zone of most. But, how small a price to be able to reverse what many pundits believe has already transpired - the end of the American form of government known as the Rule of Law as written through the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

We must also be positive in asserting that it is NOT too late and that MONEY is not the deciding factor in the outcome of elections. We must rally those around us to our cause, equipping ourselves with information. There is a vast amount of information to be viewed. Very few, if any, have the ability to gather all this, let alone go further with it all. This is where networking with local Parties is so valuable. I suggest that everyone pick one or 2 issues that are important to them and gather information through every source available on your particular interest. Then, PLEASE come to the Tippecanoe Libertarian Party web site and monthly meetings and share with others. You will, I believe, be pleasantly surprised to find how welcome you are! We are interested in facts and ideas based on Liberty! We also have some people who have been long time watchers of the local political scene. They are willing to share their knowledge as much as being open to others. Or, just drop in at anytime during our meetings. All are welcome!!

Yours in Liberty,
            Dan Church